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This is something that gives me very odd vibes, and must be even weirder
for many older, and male, gay people. I came to the AIDS crisis somewhat
late, having come out *just *when the first tritherapies became available
and people started to have hope that an HIV+ status didn't necessarily have
to mean "prepare to die". I lived in France then so my English intuition
isn't the most authentic. But I remember people first talking about this or
that person being positive, later seropositive ("séropo" short in French).

Anyhoo, this week in various teleconferences for my work I heard several
coworkers, all straight, talk in terms such as "my teenage son is
frustrated that he can't see his best friend, but the friend's uncle is
positive", "I haven't been to the hangar in 2 weeks because a student in
the class that takes place there became positive". (Rephrased almost-quotes
from memory.)

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