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Some more terms that include an acronym/initialism:  CBerNYNEXFEDEXUSAIR and of course alphabetical  While we're at it, you might appreciate the following obsolescent joke:  (Remember that "ESSO" (trademark of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, now part of ExxonMobil) is a phonetic spelling of "SO" itself an acronym for "Standard Oil").  A  swarm of bees were flying down a highway when they came upon two gas stations, one Phillips 66 and one ESSO.  The bees all headed for the Phillips 66 station, except for one bee, who went to the ESSO station, proving once again that there is one ESSO bee in every crowd.  Off-topic:  when a pilot fills out a flight plan, he has to make an entry in a box labelled "SOB".  No, not the usual meaning, but "Souls On Board".  Maybe not relevant, but some Pentagon history: Back in the 1960's the US Army had a computer center that was known as USADSC (or something similar, US Army Data Systems Command) until one day there was a briefing of a high-ranking general, and the speaker began by saying, "General, you sad sack" and then paused. The next day the title was changed to USAIDSCOM. More: eventually the financial parts of the computer center were broken off into a new computer center known as US Army Financial and Comptroller Information Systems Command, abbreviated FACISCOM.   This abbreviation was unpopular with the employees who did not like working in "Fascist Com", particularly those in the SS Division.  So the abbreviation was changed to FINCISCOM, but not before warehouses full of forms reading FACISCOM had been printed.  Over a decade later FINCISCOM was still printing out checks and other documents labelled FACISCOM.   James Landau
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