[Ads-l] Another "bull shit" sneaks in (1916)

Bonnie Taylor-Blake b.taylorblake at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 17 13:38:25 UTC 2020

Ben Zimmer has written about early and odd appearances in American
newspapers of "bull shit" (and similar):

Here's another example of a mischievous typesetter sneaking it in. (I'm
sorry, but I just love stuff like this.)

>From a short notice about SUCCESSFUL FARMING, "the Best Agricultural
Magazine in the World," here's a message from its publisher. (This appeared
in The World-Wide War, Pawhuska, OK, 4 March 1916, p. 4.)


It is our desire to serve you    As a subscriber I want you to have the
benefit of any information, advice or assistance I or any one connected
with Successful Farming can give you, or suggestions as to ways in which
our organization can and will gladly assist you. Our editors are practical
farmers and they are in close touch with the greatest American agricultural
authorities. Bull shit.

I hope you will keep these things in mind as you read Successful Farming
from month to month, and know we are at your service at all times. If any
copy of your magazine should fail to reach you, let us know.

Again thanking you for your subscription, wishing you every success, and
hoping to hear from you from time to time, I remain,

Sincerely yours,
E.T. Meredith, Publisher.



What's also comical about this is that the editor of The World-Wide War
then goes on to write about Successful Farming in glowing terms.

(Some years ago I tweeted about an appearance of "bull shit in the hole" in
a 17 December 1922 description of a polite Christmas reception, of all
things, https://twitter.com/btaylorblake/status/882690499995422721?s=20.
Happy holidays to all.)

-- Bonnie

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