[Ads-l] Racist origins of "Grandfathering"

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> I identify as Melungeon.

Can people tell that you're a Melungeon (not used to seeing this word
capitalized, but that's neither here nor there) at a glance? Or do you have
to name it to claim it? Do people normally assume that you're just
another random black/white person, until you explain to them that you're a
Melungeon and the fact that your skin-tone and/or physiognomy fall well
within the range ordinarily considered to be "black"/"white" in the United
States means nothing? Do you have to tell people that a Melungeon and a
redbone are *not* the same and then try to get them to understand what the
differences are? Are you comfortable with the assertion that Melungeons,
like, e.g. octoroons, are merely one of the many mixtures of people of
sub-Saharan African ancestry with peoples not of sub-Saharan African
ancestry that have sprung up in the New World as a consequence of the
introduction of chattel slavery from the Old World?

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> https://greensboro.com/news/education/wake-schools-will-stop-using-the-term-grandfathering-because-it-has-
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> >> News to me.
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> > That's just because of your white privilege.
> Guess again.  I identify as Melungeon.
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