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Not in OED.


1978 _Plain Dealer_  (Oct. 4) 7-D: This no time for greed; [furthermore,]
this is no time for a loser's mentality.

1983 _Plain Dealer_ (Oct. 30) 2-B: The current debate over a new, domed
stadium for the Indians is disturbing in that the arguments for the
proposed facility are so symptomatic of the loser mentality which
continues to grip the northeast Ohio sports community.

1988 _New Realities _ IX 88 [unverified]: Attract super-success by
transforming your 'loser mindset.' Even fight disease by focusing your
natural mind powers on wellness. How can it do all this? EEG studies
conducted on firewalking Yogis and Zen Monks reveal that when they reach ...


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