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Mon Jan 20 04:54:55 UTC 2020

On Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 8:31 PM James Landau wrote:

> Aside to Ben Zimmer who wrote "Previously I found a poem with the line
> "EVERYTHING SUCKS!!" printed in The Paper, a Michigan State publication, in
> its Oct. 13, 1966 issue (and reprinted later that year in The Screw from
> Univ. of Kansas):" I was at Michigan State from fall 1965 to spring 1969
> and I remember The Paper.  If memory serves, The Paper began publishing in
> the fall of 1966, so Oct 13 1966 must have been one of its first issues, if
> not the first.

The Paper is available via the Independent Voices archive. Here's the issue
in question:

The Paper, East Lansing, Michigan, Volume 2, Issue 3, Oct. 13, 1966, p. 5
[poem by Russell Lawrence: "Dear Merit Semi-Finalist, SHIT in green and

And here's the index for The Paper -- the first issue was published on Dec.
3, 1965.


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