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> FWIW, ZZ Top released the song "Pearl Necklace" in 1981.

In addition, there was the double-entendre, "A String of Pearls," released
by Glenn Miller in 1941. It reached no.1 on Billboard.

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> >  Link to the episode/time?
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1D2RDhzd6w
> The scene of interest starts at 3:45.  From context, I think the sexual
> meaning is intended.
> Lisa:  I'm over 21, I've been a police woman for two and a half years --
> Styles:  That's heavy.  We'll put you in a candy store and you can take
> the lollipops.
> Royster:  You a flat back?  You work Sailor Town?
> Styles:  You know what a wax job is?
> Royster:  A string of pearls?
> A correction -- on second listening, the actual quote is "string of
> pearls", not "pearl necklace".  I think it carries the same meaning here
> (but it could mean, a la Robert Schimmel
> https://youtu.be/xL-bw3g_VoM?t=150<https://youtu.be/xL-bw3g_VoM?t=153> ,
> a string of beads pulled from the nether regions synchronous with orgasm),
> but the different phrasing makes the antedatings moot.
> FWIW, ZZ Top released the song "Pearl Necklace" in 1981.
> "She wore a pearl necklace
> She wore a pearl necklace . . .
> And that's not jewelry what she's talking 'bout
> It really don't cost that much "
> Other comments:
> At 42:04, a man tries to buy chips, and gives his name as "G. L. Spelvin",
> almost certainly an Easter-Egg reference to George Spelvin:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Spelvin
> The cashier from whom he tried to buy chips was played by Tony Giorgio, a
> former card and dice cheat turned magician, and regular performer at the
> Magic Castle.  He was often used to consult on magic, cons, etc. for
> Hollywood (see The Cincinnati Kid, Harry in your Pocket), and would
> occasionally do some work on screen as well, as he did here at 14:36 and
> 17:31 (note that the bottom deal at 14:36 is made obvious for the camera
> and viewer to see what is being done; Giorgio was capable of doing it
> invisibly).  If Giorgio looks a little familiar, it may be because he
> played Bruno Tattaglia in The Godfather.
> Angie Dickenson is playing a rookie cop at age 43.
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