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OED and OED SF Project have 1976.

_ Beabohema 2_ Dec 1968 p. 48

"This places the editor in the position of having to decide whether or not to accept corn, serialize, ar [sic] maybe drop fanfic altogether."

_Proper Boskonian_ July 1971 p 42
Like any first ish of a zine not ferociously dedicated to one sliver of sf or another Styx is brimming over with fanfic.

 _Amazing_ Mar 1975, p 105 col 2
"The material is surprisingly good (fanfic, which normally I dislike) to excellent (Michael Carlson's account of a Virginia college, the editor's ramblings."


_Amazing_ Jul 1975, p 107 col 2
"Most important, I don't see any point in mindless feuding, or in flaying some hapless neo's smudgy ditto creation, full of crude art and worse fanfic, distinguished only by its misuse of the English language, merely to satisfy my readers' bloodlust."


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