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Buck Rogers (attr)
OED SF project has 13 Dec 1936, not in OED
1934 _Variety_ 18 Dec. 39/2 [lantern.mediahistory.org]
"Chinese Charlie -- Hey, nix on that.  You can't pull that Buck Rogers stuff on this program."

Flash Gordon (attr)

1938 _Pittsburgh [PA] Press_ 11 Apr 16/2 [Newspapers.com]
"Meanwhile, Mr. Crabbe will go ahead with his adventure films -- "Red Barry," "Buck Rogers" and "Flash Gordon" stuff the kiddies like so much."

1938 _Austin [TX] American_ 4 Nov 6/2 [Newspapers.com]
"When the broadcast one of his wars of the future over the radio last Sunday night and had heat rays and meteorites and all that Flash Gordon stuff busting and killing people it really got folks scared."

1938 Richmond VA _Times Dispatch Magazine_ 20 Nov 9/3 [Newspapers.com]
"It told a Flash Gordon type of story in which two men in love with the same woman staged a war over her hand, and the man who won brought about his victory by the invention of an electric gun that far overpowered the other, better-equipped army."

Franken-, comb. form
OED has 1992, not in OED SF Project

1972 _Indianapolis [IN] Teen Star_ 8 Jan 6/5 [Newspapers.com]
"A bevy of hip nuns, 'a bowl of raisins' and a mad scientist and his Frankenplant are a few of the between act jesters."

1976 _Boston [MA] Globe_ 29 Aug A9/1 [Newspapers.com]
"New World Films, Roger Corman's low-budget production company, is countering with 'Frankencar,' a first in the auto-horror genre."

Frankensteinian (adj)
OED has 1965, not in OED SF project

1836 Colchester, Essex, England _Essex County Standard_ 18 Mar 2/6 [Newspapers.com]
"We are anxious to see what sort of a Frankensteinian monster will emerge from the seething."

1923 Carroll B. Dotson, "The New York Plays" _The Story World and the Photodramatist_ Apr 82/2 [lantern.mediahistory.org]
"Karl Capek's depressing motif is Frankensteinian."

1933 _Motion Picture Herald_ 25 Feb 41/3 [lantern.mediahistory.org]
"The frankensteinian moster, accidentally made by her pals, pursues her, then suddenly turns into a dancing flower."

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