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Hello, Cantonese speaker here.

The word “wonton" is from the Cantonese word 雲吞 (ipa wɐn˨˩ tʰɐn˥), which 
in itself is a corruption of the intra-Chinese word 餛飩 (Middle Chinese 
reconstructed pronunciation /ghuon duon/. It seems to me that the 
spelling "wonton" would suggest that 雲吞 was pronounced wɑn˨˩ tʰɑn˥ in 
earlier stages of Cantonese.


On 14/06/20 10:01 pm, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist speaks with MSNBC's Ali Velshi of what
> she calls "won-ton violence" by police.
> JL

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