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Dorothy Parker received credit for the statement in the subject line
by June 1938, but it was already in circulation. The earliest close
match I've located appeared in 1934 within a column by Martin A. Gosch
in the “Evening Courier” of Camden, New Jersey.

[ref] 1934 January 16, Evening Courier, By Gosh! by Martin A. Gosch
(Courier-Post Radio Editor), Quote Page 16, Column 3, Camden, New
Jersey. (Newspapers_com) [/ref]

[Begin excerpt]
… a prize gag from colleague Mike Porter: Edith Murray, the CBS
songbird, started out in life as a poet, but found that Rhyme does not
[End excerpt]

Here is a link to the QI article.

The 1934 citation is a small improvement on the 1938 citation listed
in Barry Popik's article on this topic.


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