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In _The Orlando Sentinel_, Orlando, Florida, 07 Nov 1928, p 4 col 6 (so
not quite a NYT First Said):

    Did you notice the compliment paid American men by Dr. Louis Bisch
in the October Pictorial Review? "American men make poor lovers....No
American in his lifetime loves as many women as the foreigner does. In
America the ideal is the 'one and only'."
    So long as the American man is satisfied, why worry about this
matter? If the learned sir should make diligent among European women, he
might find that the very point on which he criticises American men makes
them very acceptable lovers in the sight of their feminine eyes. And
certainly American women prefer the poor lover known as the American.
    How many American women realize that they "are suffering because we
men fall down so badly in this matter of love" and are inclined to be
mono-amorous rather than poly-amorous? Even at our nearest approach to
Dr. Bisch's ideal, we seem to like them one at a time, not in battalions.

On 4/25/21 5:01 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
> From https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/23/style/modern-love-polyamory-should-my-boyfriend-love-one-woman-or-three.html
> Even though the concept and practice of monoamory existed before our time (or so I’ve been led to believe), it’s unlikely that the label did.  “Monoamorous” occurs four times in this short piece. Once again, both a Times archive search and the eponymous reddit site (https://twitter.com/NYT_first_said/status/1385444198720188417) confirm it’s a NYT First Said.  
> There are, however, a few g-hits, including this piece on Medium, https://medium.com/heart-affairs/im-an-unethical-monoamorous-polysexual-31f812aa98a, in which Teresa J. Conway comes out as, well, an unethical monoamorous polysexual.  You’re welcome.
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