[Ads-l] Die, my dear doctor! That=?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=99s_?=the last thing I shall do

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antedating the 1883 May 17 version to December 1866

"Die! - why should he die? What would he get by that?" interposed Lord 
Elenborough adding to the pile of jests by which men have endevouured  
to keep a grim , unpleasant subject out of sight - a pile to which the 
latest mot was added the other day by Lord Palmerston , who during his 
late attack of gout exclaimed , playfully , · Die , my dear doctor ? 
That's the last thing I think of doing.
Some interesting points here:  It attributes a quote he said "the other 
day" more than a year after his death. And it was said during his "late 
attack of gout", rather than during his final illness, or on his 
deathbed. Wiki's account of his death doesn't indicate that he was 
suffering from gout at the time. I have to wonder if the article was 
written a few years earlier, while he was still alive.

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