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Mon Aug 9 18:21:11 UTC 2021

Arnold Zwicky covered these back-formations on his blog in 2013. He
observed that "slut-shame" was mostly transitive and "victim-blame" mostly


As mentioned in that post, "slut-shame" got included in the Summer 2013
installment of "Among the New Words" (AmSp 88.2).


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AVMC (USA) <0000099bab68be9a-dmarc-request at listserv.uga.edu> wrote:

> I've seen "slut-shamed" used transitively.
> Google "slut-shamed her," "slut-shamed me," "slut-shamed that slut," etc.
> ----
> CNN just now:
> "Sounds like she was victim-blaming some of these women that have come
> forward."
> Possibly the first time I've noticed one of these constructions used
> transitively.

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