[Ads-l] New to me: "vibe check you"

Andy Bach afbach at GMAIL.COM
Wed Dec 15 14:59:48 UTC 2021

Reading a IT Security newsletter:
"... The “upgrade” (as it were) for scammers with the crypto ATM method is
two-fold: it can be less friction than sending a wire transfer, and at the
end the scammer has cryptocurrency instead of fiat. With wire transfers,
you have to fill out a form, and you may give that form to an actual person
(who could potentially vibe check you)."

Took a bit to figure out the verb sense of "vibe" - not sure this explains
it here

Urban Diction makes it sound generally violent, so I don't know if the
quote means "who could knock you out and take your form" or "who might see
you're in distress and about to be scammed"



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