[Ads-l] Classified eggcorn? "carried their hair"

Andy Bach afbach at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 21 22:45:14 UTC 2021

Local paper had a memoriam in the classifieds, a mother lamenting the loss
of her son;
"If you were still a GM engineer and lived through our 2020's internal
plague, you would have seen your executives _carrying their hair_ as they
saw initially decreased vehicle sales ..."

I asked my partner if they'd ever heard the expression "carrying their
hair" and they said of course and began to pull at their head, mishearing
it as "tearing their hair", obviously.  So, either that's what happened
when the ad was placed or it's really an expression. Google show is it only
as a phrase in fashion terms ("carrying their hair with pride") or as when
keeping a lock of a loved ones' tresses, in a locket, perhaps.


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