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Sun Jan 24 16:29:23 UTC 2021

Correct. But it wasn't the expression that caught my attention-- I already
knew it, though to the best of my recollection only as a verb. It was the
noun plural form, "pass in reviews". I've most often seen such forms
(multiword non-NPs used as modifiers or as NPs, especially in the plural)
hyphenated: **pass-in-reviews*. It felt strange to me and unfamiliar, which
is why I posted it.


On Thu, Jan 21, 2021, 3:28 PM James Landau <
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> *...*
> Aside to Mark Mandel:  "Pass in Review" is not something sepcific for the
> Commander-in-chief.  It is a standard order to a formation of soldiers to
> march past a reviewing stand, and any soldier has most likely received this
> order at least a few times.  Apparently you were never in the Army, correct?
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