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I am not sure what the plans are for updating the app.  The app was created by a third party.  I'll convey to this list any information I am able to get on this question.

Fred Shapiro

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Congratulations, Fred!  While I do plan to purchase the printed book (actually, I've already placed an order at Amazon), I usually look up quotations via the convenient iPhone app.  What are the plans for updating the app?

John Baker

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After 14 years of work, the New Yale Book of Quotations now has a page (not yet fully fleshed out) on the Yale University Press website, and a publication date of August 31:


I am deeply appreciative of the help that current and former ADS-L people have given to me since the first edition was published. My debt to Garson O'Toole is enormous, and I am very proud that the first edition inspired him to embark on a spectacular quotation-researching career of his own. I also owe much to Charles Doyle, Barry Popik, and Ben Zimmer. Others whom I list in my Acknowledgments include John Baker, Joel Berson, Sam Clements, Dan Goncharoff, Stephen Goranson, Laurence Horn, Jonathan Lighter, Bill Mullins, Peter Reitan, Jesse Sheidlower, Andrew Steinberg, Victor Steinbok, Bonnie Taylor-Blake, and Douglas C. Wilson. I apologize to any people I neglected to thank.

I will wait until the book comes out to further comment on its distinctive features, but I will mention now one thing I consider to be particularly noteworthy: I spotlight a significant number of discoveries I made about famous quotations that are commonly attributed to prominent men but were actually originated by obscure women.

Fred Shapiro

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