[Ads-l] New ethnic slur for Pacific Islanders et sim.?

James Eric Lawson jel at NVENTURE.COM
Sat May 15 18:19:53 UTC 2021

In the _Honolulu Star-Bulletin_, Honolulu, Hawaii of 13 Nov 2002, p 43
col 5, the "Reel News" feature installment titled "New film gives Oahu a
bounce", by Tim Ryan, he observes regarding the filming of the 2004
(issued) remake of _The Big Bounce_ (from a novel of the same name by
Elmore Leonard),

And in the category of firsts, Hawaiian activists are called "menehune
huggers" and Hawaiians "coconut niggers."

I didn't find the phrase in the 1983 printing of Leonard's novel.

On 5/15/21 12:46 AM, Wilson Gray wrote:
> Seen in the comments on Reddit.com:
> “Are you Mexican?”
> He replied, “No, I’m Hawaiian,”
> at which point [the questioner] came back with,
> “Ohhhhh, you’re one of them _coconut niggers_!”

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