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I recently heard the subject word in a meeting.  Inchstone -- an incremental step towards a milestone.  Not in OED; often business jargon.

1940 _Pittsburgh Press_ 11 May 8/3

A milestone, or maybe it's an inchstone, has been recorded in the career of little Gloria Jean, who is currently co-starred with Bing Crosby in "If I Had My Way."

[Jean grew from 4'10" to 5'0".]

1960 _Washington Post_ 7 Dec. A20/2

Inchstone in Desgregation [headline]

1972 _Philadelphia Inquirer_​ 22 Aug. 11/2

It was an inchstone on the mile-long road to reform.

1987 _Shock & Vibration Bulletin_ Jan 30/1

You have to go into each program and face each little inchstone, each major milestone, each little wicket, one at a time.


1993 _Army RD&A Bulletin_ Nov-Dec  40/1

The government team expended a lot of energy during this lengthy litigation process but successfully held to our procurement inchstone schedule until the Court of Appeal imposed an injunction to any contract award on the day that bids were to be opened in January 1993.


1999 _Army RD&A-  Jul-Aug.  50/3

In the inchstone plan, we also identified, by name, the IPT members responsible for each plan event.


2008 _Crosstalk: The Journal of Defense Software Engineering_  Sep. 31/2

If you must have milestones, choose one and only one; and at all costs avoid the milestone’s progeny — the inchstone.


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