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Website: Gilbert + Tobin
Article: Regulators shine a light on dark patterns
Date: February 26, 2021


[Begin excerpt]
Companies that are required to comply with the California Consumer
Privacy Act (CCPA) may need to rethink how they obtain consent from
consumers, in light of a new law, approved by Californian voters in
November last year and which is due to come into effect in 2023, that
will revise the definition of consent under the CCPA to preclude any
consent obtained through the use of dark patterns.

What are dark UI patterns?

Dark patterns are elements of digital user interface (UI) which are
designed to take advantage of inherent psychological biases and lead
users towards making certain choices. In user-centred UI design, the
goal of the designer is to maximise usability and enhance a user’s
experience of a digital product or service. Dark patterns are
carefully crafted UI design features which invert the user-centred
goal to instead influence users to make choices which maximise the
interests of the online service provider (often without the user’s
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