[Ads-l] jorts, himbo

Mark Mandel markamandel at GMAIL.COM
Sun Mar 13 16:59:14 UTC 2022

The Jorts saga introduced some folks to a few new vocabulary words.
"Jorts," if you weren't aware, are cut-off jeans. The word comes from the
mashup of "jeans" and "shorts." Many Twitter users dropped the term "himbo"
to describe Jorts the cat. That's a mix of "him" and "bimbo," which in this
case is meant to indicate that Jorts is a sweet cutie-pie, but that he
might be a bit vacuous.

I went to this webpage because I was curious about what I had seen about
the "Jorts the cat" meme, and then I saw this paragraph. 😸

Mark Mandel

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