[Ads-l] caucasity

Alice Faber afaber at PANIX.COM
Fri May 6 21:29:01 UTC 2022

On 5/6/22 2:23 PM, James Landau wrote:
> https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2022/5/4/2095835/-Newsmax-host-has-the-caucasity-to-accuse-Justice-Ketanji-Brown-Jackson-of-leaking-Alito-opinion?detail=emaildkre
> headline:  "Newsmax host has the caucasity to accuse Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson of leaking Alito opinion"
> I suspect this is a covfefe for "audactiy".
> James Landau
> jjjrlandau at netscape.com
Nope. I've seen it on Black Twitter 
for a number of years with the meaning (inferred from context) "acting 
or behaving under the influence of unexamined white privilege". That it 
rhymes with "audacity" is a bonus.


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