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Pete Morris mr_peter_morris at OUTLOOK.COM
Wed Nov 9 16:07:03 UTC 2022

I am a keen poker player.  I'm curious about a number of
poker terms whose origin is obscure.

But perhaps  nobody ever asked the wizards of ADS.

What is the earliest known cite for the following terms?

Can anyone here find  antedatings?  Or early cites that suggest
an origin?

The Flop - the first three community cards in Hold'em or Omaha

The Turn - the fourth community card

The River - the fifth community card

The preceding three  have been  discussed at length in poker circles.
There are speculations,  but nothing definite known.  I'm also curious
about the following.  It's possible they have definite known origins,  
I don't know them.

The nuts - an unbeatable poker hand

Boat - another name for full house

bubble - The last finishing position in a poker tournament before
entering the payout structure

bug - a limited wild card. Can be used to complete a straight or flush,
but not, for instance, four of a kind.

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