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Here are two precursors I found years ago with “make love, and not
make warr” and “make love instead of war”. The statements were not
really presented as slogans.

Year: 1871
Periodical: The Camden Miscellany
Volume 6
Article: The Earl of Bristol's Defence of His Negotiations in Spain
Edited by Samuel Rawson Gardiner,
Quote Page 41
Printed by J.B Nichols and Sons, Westminster for the Camden Society


[Begin excerpt]
... but the Duke answered that it was fitter to bee left to the
negotiation of ambassadors, for that they came thether, meaning the
Prince and himselfe, to woe and make love, and not to make warr; ...
[End excerpt]

Year: 1876
Book Title: Patriot and Tory: One Hundred Years Ago
Author: Julia McNair Wright
Publisher: Jones Brothers & Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
Quote Page 246

[Begin excerpt]
“I had not expected to meet such a bevy of beauties. Zounds! I would I
had on my best uniform: I look but a lout in these shabby clothes.
Truly, if the Colonies are full of such maidens as we have seen here,
I for one will be loath to fight with their fathers and brothers. We
had better seek peace, and make love instead of war.”
[End excerpt]


On Mon, Nov 21, 2022 at 12:09 AM James Eric Lawson <jel at nventure.com> wrote:
> Bearing in mind that you (Mr. Shapiro) mention a witness attested the
> slogan in correspondence with you, from a 1963 speech by Gershon Legman
> (see _Yale Book of Quotations_, 2006), here are citations for precursors
> of the slogan from 1919, 1942, and 1962. The timing, during and after
> major wars and in the year before Legman's 1963 speech, seems to me to
> be suggestive.
> 1919  _Omaha World-Herald_ 13 Apr 49/1 Officers Make Love Instead of
> War.... (subhead of article "Russians Loafing in Face of All Dangers").
> Op. Cit. 49/3 Make Love Instead of War.
> https://www.newspapers.com/image/865164314/?terms=%22make%20love%22&match=1
> 1942  _The Dadeville [Alabama] Record_ 27 Aug 1/1 Most of our boys, if
> given their choice, would rather "make love" than make war.
> https://www.newspapers.com/image/535885571/?terms=%22make%20love%20not%20war%22&match=1
> 1962  _The Columbia [South Carolina] Record_ 13 Dec 27(5-C)/2 "I would
> much rather make love than make war," he said with a grin.
> On 11/13/22 12:09, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
> > make love not war (OED 1965 Mar.)
> >
> > 1965 _Daily Californian_ 16 Feb. 4/3
> >
> > Inspired by a sign reading "let's make love, not war" ... the Princess decided to declare war on the Pakistani prince.
> >
> > Fred Shapiro
> >
> > YBQ3
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