[Ads-l] earlier evidence for 'implicature', adj. and n.

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> True; these would all seem to conform to the general sense Grice takes as a
> starting point, viz. that which is meant ("within the general signification
> of a remark") without being said.  Grice's aim was to narrow and regiment
> the notion, provide diagnostics for it, distinguish its subcases
> ("conventional" implicature vs. non-conventional and in particular
> "conversational" implicature), relate implicature to the conversational
> principle and general concerns of rationality, and so on.  I don't know if
> he was aware of the earlier sporadic attestations of the kind you provide;
> as far as I know he thought he was coining the term (as a way of evoking
> without reducing to "implication").
> LH

Can we also add "make linguistics students' heads hurt trying to 
understand the concept" to Grice's aims?

It's nice to know he didn't just "make it up." :-)

---Amy West

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