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> Of interest because

I'm not particularly familiar with Lomax's note-taking style - fellow-Texan
though he be -
but he takes no particular notice of _booty_, as though he finds nothing
unusual about
the use of the word in this rather-specialized, extended meaning.

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> Of interest because it's early and in white use.
> 1938 Alan Lomax "Mss., Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois"
> https://www.loc.gov/resource/afc2004004.ms070205/?sp=76&r=-0.381,0.818,1.941,0.887,0
> The people here have the pioneer candor. Potter, Delmas and the rest [of
> the lumbermen] loved their wives...because they were good partners in the
> bed and say so. Delmas, the old man, was terribly sentimental about his
> dead Indian wife, proud of...her ability to cook and her good booty.
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