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OED: 1950, s.v. "unidentified."

1947 _Times-News_ (Twin Falls Idaho) (July 6) 1: Within a 20-minute period,
at least 35 of the unidentified flying objects were seen by nearly 60
persons who were picnicking at Twin falls park [sic] Saturday.

1948 in L. H. Truettner  & A. B. Deyermond _Unidentified Aerial Objects:
Project Sign_ (Wright Patterson AFB: HQ Air Materiel Command, 1949) ii:
"Project Sign" - Identification of Unidentified Flying Objects.

1949 Ibid. iii: No definite evidence is yet available to confirm or
disprove the existence of unidentified flying objects as new and unknown
types of aircraft. A limited number of incidents have been identified as
known objects.



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