[Ads-l] Revising The F-Word

Bill Mullins amcombill at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Apr 13 17:03:28 UTC 2023

Per Jesse's request for cites for "fuckwittery":

2000 Varsity [Cambridge student newspaper] #531 24 Nov. 13/3

Spend only the shortest time in Cambridge and you find that your capacity to be shocked by folly and fuckwittery becomes deadened.


2007 Leeds Student Newspaper 30 Nov. 17/4

If I'm honest though the amount of fuckwittery that goes on in Leeds Uni is actually on a relative par compared to certain other similar institutions.


2011 [London Imperial College] Felix #1498 21 Oct 20/5

I don't expect peoplw who are educated enough to study at Imperial, and interested enough to signup for a course based on science, reason and intellect, to be writing in their student paper espousing the merits of inequality and holier-than-thou fuckwittery.


2014 Three Weeks Edinburgh 10 Aug. 11/2

Murray has done some seriously stupid things in her life and is now part of a club that meets on Sundays to compare the week’s fuckwittery.


2017 Nightshift #263 Jun. 5/4

I'd like to get rid of all the fuckwittery that is First Past The Post and have Proportional Representation like any actual democracy.


2017 Craccum #22 Oct. 35/1

Cue virtually every owner in the NFL joining the protests in one way or another, despite many of them having donated millions of dollars to his election campaign even after his rapist-Mexican-period-shaming-general-fuckwittery comments propelled him to the Oval Office.


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