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Article: If you’re a high earner who isn’t rich yet, here are 3
financial moves you should consider
Author: Jasmin Suknanan
Timestamp: Published Mon, Mar 7 2022


[Begin excerpt]
If you’re someone who earns a lot of money (like, low to mid six
figures) but you don’t have enough saved or invested to be considered
“rich,” you most likely fall into a group of earners known as HENRYs.
The acronym stands for High Earner, Not Rich Yet.

The term isn’t new; it’s been around since 2003 and was coined by
writer Shawn Tully in a Fortune Magazine article. Despite their
higher-than-average salaries, some HENRYs don’t think they’ll become
rich because of factors like high tax rates, high cost of living and
low savings. Others may be on their way to building their wealth but,
though they’re off to an impactful start, still need some extra
[End excerpt]

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