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> Dear ADS members,
> We are in need of a new Executive Director beginning after the annual
> meeting in January, 2024 in New York. I can tell you from experience that,
> although there is some work involved, this is a fun way to serve ADS and
> work with wonderful people (all of you!) If you think you might be
> interested, please take a look at the attached announcement and job
> description. And don’t worry: I plan to be around to help you learn the
> ropes! If you have questions, please contact me.
> See the full announcement:
> https://wp.me/p1Zkjb-5Kn

I want to commend whoever wrote this job description. It is the most 
*honest* executive director job description I've ever read. (I've been a 
"Program Coordinator" for a non-profit, but in reality had executive 
director responsibilities in that position. That's why I read the job 
description and also admire it.) The author also gets points for the use 
of "Emoluments" in it. I hope all the lexicographers on the list have 
grabbed it as a cit/instance.

---Amy West

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