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"Stump speech"

The OED3 cites a letter dated September 8, 1820, found on p.251 of _Letters
>From America, Containing Observations on the Climate and Agriculture of the
Western States_ by James Flint, first published in 1822.

Here are three earlier citations:

The first is from a campaign diary entry effectively dated Tuesday, October
13, 1812, and published in a newspaper later the same month:

[begin quote]
One thousand votes in all. Remark. This goes far in supporting the truth of
magic and witchcraft. Stump speeches. The effusion of much spirit; alias,
whiskey. Here a stump speech is inserted. Poles closed—Beats two to one
against democracy.
[end quote]
Source: Greensburgh and Indiana Register (Greensburg, Pennsylvania), Oct
22, 1812, p.3, col.2
Database: America's Historical Newspapers (Readex / Newsbank)

[begin quote]
I fear there were not many present at that _Stump Speech_ who can now say,
"we admire Billy Logan" either for the liberality of his disposition or
virtues of his heart...
[end quote]
Source: The Olive Branch and Western Union (Danville, Kentucky), June 23,
1820, p.1, col.2
Database: Newspapers.com

[begin quote]
It was proposed, we are informed, in a stump speech delivered by the
candidate, with loud acclamations of applause to a number of the electors
of this county, and was simply this.
[end quote]
Source: Knoxville (TN) Register, June 27, 1820, p.2, col.4
Database: Newspapers.com

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