[Ads-l] (Request help with German) Joke: Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint

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Requesting help with one additional German citation. Below are
translations from DeepL and Google.

Here is the link for the DeepL translator which I have found useful:

Are the metadata and text below correct? Any preference for translation?

Date: 1838
Book Title: Zur Diätetik der Seele
Author: Ernst Freiherrn v. Feuchtersleben
Quote Page 95
Publisher: Verlag von Carl Armbruster, Wien (Vienna, Austria)
Database: Google Books Full View


[Begin excerpt - check for typos]
. . . das sind jene freiwilligen Candidaten der Medizin, die sich in
die ganze Krankheitslehre hinein lesen, die sich aus Büchern Recepte
verschreiben; zu deren Einem Marcus Herz, der berühmt gewordene Feind
alles Schwindels, einmal sagte: Lieber Freund! Sie werden noch einmal
an einem Druckfehler sterben!
[End excerpt]

[Begin translated excerpt from DeepL]
. . . these are those voluntary candidates of medicine, who read
themselves into the whole doctrine of disease, who prescribe
themselves recipes from books; to one of whom Marcus Herz, the famous
enemy of all fraud, once said: Dear friend! You will die once again
from a printing error!
[End translated excerpt]

[Begin translated excerpt from Google]
. . . these are the voluntary medical candidates who read their way
into the whole of pathology, who prescribe prescriptions from books;
To one of them Marcus Herz, the famous enemy of all fraud, once said:
Dear friend! You'll die from a misprint all over again!
[End translated excerpt]

With appreciation

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