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Perhaps the most expressive word in English:

1907 _Reno Gazette-Journal_  (Oct. 29) 6: Abe Attell [a prizefighter] Tries
Some Rammycackle Work in Los Angeles....He tried the game of making Weeks
weigh in with his togs on and then he wanted to juggle the purse.

1935 _Oakland Tribune_ (Sept. 27) 38: The way Ram Seeno hits a tackle
they'll be calling him "Rammycackle"....It's an old baseball expression,
synonymous with "line drive."  _Ibid._ (Oct. 3) 30: Ready to recoil and
rammy-cackle the receiver.

1941 _Salt Lake Tribune_ (June 15) 6B: Bill Wight...saw Chuck Henson and
Frank Morris rammy-cackle his tosses for singles which produced three runs.

1941_S. F. Examiner_ (June 25) 18:  He said afterward that any guy who
could rammycackle a ball as bad as that one that hard was one of the great
hitters of all time.

1943 _Stockton [Calif.] Record_ (Sept. 18) 14: [headline]: These Two Can
Rammycackle the Old Apple.

1945 _Honolulu Advertiser_ (Oct. 22) 12: Who carries the ball...will
finally take it and rammycackle his course all the way to the end zone.

1947 _S. F. Examiner_ (Apr. 17) 25: Al Schoux...swears he saw her
rammycackle a 250-yard tee shot.

1949 _Ibid._ (Apr. 4) 26: He isn't going to do it by letting the Beavers
rammycackle him for nine runs in a single round.

1951 _Columbus [Neb.] Telegram_ (Feb. 3) 6: Fremont Tigers got hot in the
second half....The Tigers rammy-cackle style of play sputtered the first

1956 _Oregon Journal_ (Portland, Ore.) (June 27) III 2:  The kind of club
that can lope out and rammycackle all rivals 11 times in a row without

a1960 in James Schevill _Selected Poems 1945-1959_ (N.p.: Bern Porter
Books, 1960) : The slugger / Rammycackles a liner over the advertising sign.

1963 _Shreveport Journal_ (Oct. 8) 1: If Bobby Kennedy and his gangbusters
rammycackle a civil rights bill onto the floor of the Senate.

 1991 _L.A. Times_  (Aug. 25) B7: Oh, baby, did he rammycackle a fast ball!

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