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1930 _Brooklyn Daily Eagle_ (May 23) 26: Elliott's curve ball was just a
"wrinkle" until just this spring, when it suddenly sprouted out as a real

1939 _Commercial Appeal_ (Memphis, Tenn.) (Apr. 15) 12: His fast ball had a
hop to it, and his curve was more than a wrinkle.

1940 _Tulsa Tribune_ (March 18) 12: What pleased the Tulsa skipper most was
the swell wrinkle he tossed up there to Joe Gallagher....It was Strike No.

1943 _Bangor News_ (March 31) 11: Proud of Wrinkle Curve.

a1960 in James Schevill _Selected Poems 1945-1959_ (N.p.: Bern Post Books,
1960): The roundhouse curve, the swell wrinkle, the dying fish all fail.

1963 _Chattanooga Times_ (Apr. 17) 16: He used to have a wrinkle. Now he
has a curve, and, what's more, he can control it.

1982 _Tampa Tribune_ (July 17) 5 H/C:  The wrinkle is the money pitch for
Dixie Youth Boys Division.... The "wrinkle" also is better known as the
deuce, or in laymen's terms - the curve ball.

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