[Ads-l] Revising The F-Word

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The following items are unlikely to be of much use, but WTF:
>From my time in the US Army, in Basic Training August-October 1969:
our platoon sergeant "Don't fuck with the cooks and if they fuck with you, I'll fuck them over"
a fellow trainee, describing how he turned down a proposition: "I told her 'fuck you'"
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^There's a set of riddles, which I am told is known as "The Order of the Turtle", including:
It begins with "F".  I ends with "UCK".  It's quite common; you can see it anytime you bother to look.Correct answer: "Fire truck"
It has four letters, ending in "IT".  It's commonly found on farms, and some people say Winstong Churchill was full of it.Correct answer: "Grit"
What is found in pool tables that is also found in men's trousers?Correct answer: "Pockets"

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