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Not in OEDO is the jocular correspondent of "Michigander", 'Michigoose', 
which gets a fair amount of play in the popular press starting at least 
as early as 1865 and continuing to at least 2014:

1865  *The Nashville Daily Union* (Nashville, Tennessee) 19 Jan 1/6 
(newspapers.com)  If a man from Lapland is a Laplander, then a man from 
Michigan should be a Michigander, and a woman a Michigoose.


2014  *Lansing State Journal* (Lansing, Michigan) 3 May A4/3 
(newspapers.com)  **Would prefer you called section ’Michiganian’**
I am very disappointed in your newspaper in using the old-fashioned, 
sexist title in naming your section “Michigander” instead of “Michiganian”.
Gander is a male goose. If you use “Michigander,” you should also 
include “Michigoose” (female) and “Michigosling” (child) in your title.
Jane Wallin Holt


James Eric Lawson

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