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Website: The New Yorker
One-Panel Cartoon by Emily Flake (e. flake)
Date: September 28, 2023

(Image depicting two women. One woman is eating a sample from a table
of food samples at a supermarket. The other woman is speaking. She is
an employee who is giving out the food samples.)

[Begin excerpt]
"You can't just girl-dinner your way through my entire sample table."
[End excerpt]

Website: Washington Post
Article: Girl Dinner is everything, so Girl Dinner is nothing
Author: Emily Heil
Timestamp: August 4, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. EDT

[Begin excerpt]
It’s Girl Dinner Summer, in case you didn’t get the memo on TikTok,
where it was born and is now circulating on other social channels and
in mainstream media.

The phenomenon of the Girl Dinner has gone through a full evolutionary
cycle — a whole journey, if you will — since it launched in May. It
started, as so many viral things do, as an offhand joke by a clever
creator when Olivia Maher shared a video of her dinner, an assemblage
of bread and cheese and grapes and cornichons, calling it something a
medieval peasant might have eaten.
. . .
The gendered aspect of the Girl Dinner was put into high relief when
its spawn began emerging. Boy Dinner is a more protein-forward affair.
There’s Husband Meal, which apparently consists of foods that would
appall the wife were she home. And cold chicken nuggets the kids
didn’t eat is a feature of Mom Dinner.
[End excerpt]


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