potetjp potetjp at
Fri Nov 19 10:38:44 UTC 1999

Resuming what Waruno Mahdi said,
to pass from the concept of "spearing" to that of "snatching" is easy. Not
so to that of "breaking/destroying". After all, when you spear a fish you
neither break it nor destroy it. By the same token, when you snatch a thing
you do not do it to break it or destroy it, although this might happen. So
the Yokohama sailors must have given the word this meaning in particular
circumstances which would be interesting to know.
Incidentally, the corresponding Tagalog term is _salapang_ [stressed on the
ultimate]. Leo James ENGLISH (1986, 1990) defines it as "1) harpoon; a spear
with a rope tied to it for catching whales,  etc. 2) trident; a
three-pronged spear".

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