An Ontology for Malay

Chaumont Devin devil at
Fri Nov 26 23:03:26 UTC 1999


I am looking for persons with a knowledge of linguistics and of Malay to
create a Malay ontology.  This product will be something like WordNet, but
for Malay.  The work will consist of linking Malay words together
semantically using a computer.  We will begin by apportioning all the
words in the language equally among our pool of volunteers.  Each
volunteer will then be responsible for completing his/her sublist of
words.  In order to avoid errors and delays, each sublist will be done
separately by two volunteers.  No special computer software will be
required.  Entries will consist of simple relations like the following:

bebek isa burung
bebek can terbang
bebek cbe dimakan


When the work on all the sublists has been completed, I will combine them
into a single master ontology for Malay.  In return for their services,
each volunteer will then be given a free copy, along with the current
version of my program called Brainchild1, which can be used to develop MT
systems (current market value of US$200).  Further copies of the Malay
ontology will then be made available to the public for some price to be
determined later.

If you would be interested in taking part in this project, please give me
a call at (USA) 808 5230750.  You may also contact me by e-mail using
devil at, but I would prefer to discuss this with you personally by

If this project succeeds, I will later attempt to use the Malay ontology
to build an English - Malay machine translation system.  With the current
world population of Malay speakers at well over 200 million, it is my hope
that this will turn out to be a very worthwhile enterprise in which all
those who will have had a part will be able to take pride.

With best regards from Honolulu,

Chaumont Devin.

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