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    You are quite right about periodization. It would be difficult for any
reasonable person to disagree with you.  All the informations you add are
really precious. Let me just add a few details about minor questions.
    We dont know the original site of the Tagalogs. Their name is
interesting. Tradition has it - at least since the 19th-Century - that it
means "ripuarian": _taga-_ "native of" + , _[i]log _"river" . The only snag
is  that  the sequence /ai/  generally follows the development / a+i  >  ai
>  e  > i /; so we should have _*Taga[il]log_  or _*Ta[gi]log_ , not
_Ta[ga]log_.  To ensure the _taga- + ilog_ etymology , authors used the name
_Tagailog _ during the revolutionary period at the end of the 19th-Century.
    To me, _Tagailog_ is a false etymolgy because there does exist the
radical _[a]log_ "to wade, a ford", and I think the right etymology is
_taga-_ + _alog_ >  tagalog "vadean", in so far as / aa > a / can account
for the current form.
    In conclusion., iIf Tagalog means "ripuarian", then they must have
settled along a river or on a river - and this river could well be the Pasig
that waters Manila -, not along the sea or on the sea. Conversely if Tagalog
means "vadean", they can't have settled first near the Pasig, which is not
fordable;  they may have settled in the marshes North of Manila or near a
ford a bit further north.
    Best regards

P.S. Returning to the contact theme, I have made a two-page list of Tagalog
terms compared to Siamese ones collected on various occasions. The common
item between the two words of a pair is a monosyllabic root, not a
disyllabic radical. I gave this document to Ferlus, Sagart  and Starosta  a
year ago, and to Thurgood  last week. Now several other colleagues might be
interested in it so I thought it best to attach the first page to this
message, and the second page to the following message that is blank.
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