potetjp POTETJP at
Tue Jan 25 19:07:34 UTC 2000

The Spanish lexicographer Domingo DE LOS SANTOS died at Majayjay/Mahayhay,
Philippines, in 1695.
His Spanish-Tagalog dictionary was published at Tayabas, Philippines, in
Two other editions followed:
- Sampaloc (Manila area): N.S. De Loreto (1794)
- Manila: Dayot & Oliva (1835)
The 1835 edition is fairly common.
I know of only one copy of the princeps 1703 edition. It is at King's
College, London, in the William Marsden collection. Librarian Catherine
Sambrook has been very helpful on this matter and I e-mailed her I was
wondering whether this was the last existing copy.
So my question is: does anybody know of other existing copies of the 1703

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