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Tue Mar 7 07:41:39 UTC 2000

My belated thanks to all those who have sent information about 'anu' as a
relative clause marker.  Perhaps 'there's quite a bit of it about'.
I mistakenly thought the request for examples from Brunei Malay was sent to
me directly, so didn't post any to the  list.  Here are some:

1.	sudah jua abis 	ba-karaja-kan 		anu 	kita 	suruh atu	
	already too finish  VBL-work-APP	anu	  2POL   order DEM
	'What you ordered has been done' 			

2.	manyaut 	lah 	anu mambawa kadidia.	"kadikau,"
	maN-saut	PART	anu  bring	3	2SG	
	And the one who brought him replied, "You", he said.

3. 	jadi 	liat  ulih bini-nya 	kayu anu	ber-harga 			bah
	so    	see  by    wife-3   	wood  anu 	ber-price (StandardMalay) 	PART
	So it was seen by his wife, the wood which was valuable

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