Motu 'NA' and ESE

martin paviour-smith mpaviour at
Tue Mar 7 01:16:14 UTC 2000

Dear Listers,

I am currrently researching some aspects of Motu and Hiri Motu, and I am
interested in looking at the use of the particles 'ese' and 'be' in HM with
regards to their use in the superstrate Motu.
	I have scoured the grammars of Motu availble to me, i.e. Lawes, and
lister-Clark and Turner, who say little on the subject of either 'ese' or
'be'. Does anyone know of more recent work on Motu, which may shed some
light on the functions of these items in that language?
	Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Martin Paviour-Smith
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