tanim mo, ani mo

potet POTETJP at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 18 10:11:41 UTC 2001

"P.S.  The construction I pointed out is quite commonly used in aphorisms or
aphorism-like talk; e.g., "Tanim mo, ani mo" , "Pangako mo, tuparin mo"
which  in inverse constituent order, > "Ani mo'y tanim mo" and > "Tuparin
mo'y pangako mo"." Paz NAYLOR

Dear Paz,

Quite exciting. Perhaps you should give translations for our colleagues who
are not tagalists.

[q = phonemic glottal stop]

aníhin nang X ang Y sa Z
harvest-focused on Y / non-focus marker / X / in-focus-marker / multipurpose
preposition / Z /
"X to harvest Y from Z."

Taním mó, áni mó.
"As you have planted, so you shall harvest."

Áni mó'y taním mó.
/harvest/you-AY anteposer/plant/you/
"You shall harvest as you have planted."

Pangákoq mó, tuparín mó.
"As you have promised, so you shall be true."

Tuparín mó'y pangákoq mó
/fulfill/you-AY anteposer/promise/you/
"You shall be true as you have promised."

I have got a question. As expected, three of the verbs are reduced to their
taním for taminín / tamnín
áni for aníhin
pangákoq for pangakúin

Why isn't tuparín reduced to its base tupád?


Jean-Paul G. POTET
B.P. 46

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