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P.S.  The construction I pointed out is quite commonly used in aphorisms or
aphorism-like talk; e.g., "Tanim mo, ani mo" , "Pangako mo, tuparin mo"
which  in inverse constituent order, > "Ani mo'y tanim mo" and > "Tuparin
mo'y pangako mo".
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> My father's family were from Cavite and I remember hearing "asa" and
> instead of nasa and ngalan/pangalan.  It may have also been used in old
> Manila Tagalog - but I can't be sure if my memory of its use in Manila may
> be due to the Cavite dialect - or the Nueva Ecija dialect where the
> (my mother's family) were originally from (Santa Rosa, to be exact).  From
> what I remember reading abouit it, these may actually be older forms.
> Lawrie, would you enlighten us?
> On the other hand, "Mapasaami'y kaharian Mo"  and "Sundi'y loob Mo..." -
> this is not a matter of substituting AY for ANG.  It is a matter of a
> different construction; i.e., "Kaharian mo mapasaamin > mapasaami(n) (a)y
> kaharian mo.  This type of construction is often used in literary text.
> is not the more commonly used construction like "Mapasaamin ang kaharian
> > Ang kaharian mo'y mapasaamin." Predication by parataxis is common enough
> in Tagalog and other Philippine languages and the use of ANG is not a
> prerequisite for sentence formation.
> For sure, this highlights the urgent need for dialect study.  Hope there
> will be some out there who'll take up the challenge.     Paz
> You are right, this is not the same as the 'y of Cebuano.  I don't know
> Pangasinan but what we are looking at is not a matter of external
> but of different options within Tagalog itself.
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> Subject: The Tagalog of Nueva Ecija
> > Hello...
> >
> > Since we're on the subject of Tagalog.  Has anyone here done any studies
> on the
> > Tagalog spoken in the province of Nueva Ecija?  A couple weeks ago,
> someone
> > sent a friend of mine a portion of the Lord's Prayer which reads:
> >
> > > Ama naming asa langit: Sambahi'y alan Mo; Mapasaami'y kaharian Mo;
> Sundi'y
> > > loob Mo rine sa lupa gaya nang sa langit!
> >
> > One thing you'll see is the lack of ANG, which seems to be replaced by
> At
> > first, it appears to be similar to the Y used in Cebuano, but that seems
> > unlikely.  Perhaps it's from Panggalatok/Pangasinan?
> >
> > --Chris
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