The Tagalog of Nueva Ecija

Christopher Sundita csundita at
Thu Jul 19 02:42:31 UTC 2001

> My father's family were from Cavite and I remember hearing "asa" and "alan"
> instead of nasa and ngalan/pangalan.  It may have also been used in old

My family and I myself use "ipin" in place of "ngipin."  That's the only case I
can think off where the initial velar nasal isn't pronounced.

> On the other hand, "Mapasaami'y kaharian Mo"  and "Sundi'y loob Mo..." -
> this is not a matter of substituting AY for ANG.  It is a matter of a

I've been following your and M. Potet's messages, but I should note that the
text was translated THIS year by a Novaecijano who was translating from the
"Standard" Tagalog.



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