[Austronesian network] Worm!!

potet POTETJP at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 11 10:18:10 UTC 2001

"Apologies to all who have received  a "homepage" message from me . It
contains a worm  which infected my computer from a similar message received
previously. If you haven't opened the attachement, DON'T. Delete message."

Thanks a lot, Charles. Everyone in a similar situation should do the same.

Since January I have been receiving so many messages with infected
attachments that I have lost count of them. Most of them come under the
assumed named of HALLIDAY of the AN-LANG list.  I naively protested on the
list against Halliday, and fellow linguists assured me Halliday's computer
was being used  by the criminal while Halliday himself was probably unaware
of the manoeuvre.  I am sure they are right. Now, I am still waiting for a
message from Halliday stating he has nothing to do with the attacks.

My former anti-virus (Panda) couldn't parry the first attack, so that I had
to reformat my hard drive and reinstall all the programs. I also got rid of
Panda and bought Norton. I have had no problem with Norton. It immediately
detects a virus and offers to destroy and repair the file. I suppose
Norton's efficacy is mainly due to the fact that it is automatically updated
on line on a weekly basis.

Fortunately, despite the first - destructive - attack, I have suffered no
setback in my research because I always archive my work on diskettes and
CDs. Besides I still do the main part of my work on my good old computer
that is internet-free!


Jean-Paul G. POTET.
B. P. 46

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