MeN--kan adjectives in Indonesian

Whitney Anne Postman wap2 at
Tue Jun 19 17:05:47 UTC 2001

Dear Austronesianists,
Could any of you out there help me answer a few questions about
so-called "complex adjectives" in Indonesian? I'm talking about
examples like:

Peristiwa yang 	menyedihkan 	itu...
Incident  REL 	saddening 	that
'(The incident which was saddening=) The saddening incident...'

Question 1: How productive is this form of complex adjective? Are
many others besides "menyedihkan" generated, or is there a set stock
of them in use?

Question 2: Could the corresponding di-form "disedihkan" ('saddened')
also be used in an adjectival way, or is it always a verb (if a
clear-cut distinction between adjectives and verbs in Indonesian can
be drawn)?

Thank you very much for reading this posting!
Regards from Ithaca,
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