"Opaserv" computer virus fix

Jeff Marck jeff.marck at att.net
Tue Jan 7 04:21:02 UTC 2003


I’ve had a very unusual and time consuming computer virus problem. And
found an easy fix.

This is happening mainly to people going onto the Internet over a phone
modem. People mainly on the Internet through a local network at their
offices won't generally experience the problem.

My Norton recognizes it as W32.Opaserv.G.Worm and variants and it generates
files such as:


I kept getting reinfected and thought it was something in the computer and
the Norton wasn’t picking up the source file.

Spent the holidays wiping, reloading and everything
 such is not necessary
and will not prevent the virus from coming back.

Very complete explanation of how one is CONSTANTLY reinfected through the
Internet, and the various fixes, at:


This will effect people at home more than at work if there is any kind of
firewall on the workplace LAN.

Free 3.6 Mb firewall that is working now for me on my laptop and pc
available at:

http://download.zonelabs.com (ZoneAlarm 3.1.395)

As I understand the situation, you just download the ZoneAlarm, close
everything else, install the ZoneAlarm and then: a) your anti-virus
software will take care of whatever problems you presently have and b) the
ZoneAlarm will prevent reinfection. This is my experience so far. (I did
nothing special in loading the ZoneAlarm... no special settings or anything).

Kind of a fearful, confusing experience. A lot of people are certain to be
affected, especially at home. PLS forward this message as widely as
possible. I am posting only to friends, correspondents and the email lists
I actually help manage.

As always,


Jeff Marck
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Omaha NE 68127 USA
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